Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile; we are thankful for your consideration. We are very excited to grow our family through adoption. We cannot imagine how difficult this is for you and we want you to know we pray for you daily. 

About us: We have been together over 7 years and married for 4 years. We love living in Wyoming and purchased our home in 2018. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and a huge yard. We have 4 dogs who love children and love to go exploring. About a year ago, we found out we would not be able to conceive children; but we didn’t let the news slow us down. We made the decision to adopt and we could not be more excited! We go on adventures as often as we can with the dogs and the camper. Skyler is 26 and loves to read, do anything outdoors, see new places, scrapbook, and most of all spend time with family. Joseph is 29 and loves to go to the movies, be outside, explore new places, work on his truck, and spend time with family.  We have 2 young nephews who we adore! Skyler’s family is in Colorado, about 2 hours away. We go visit them as often as we can. Joseph’s family is less than 10 minutes away, so we spend a lot of time with them. 

Skyler: Growing up my family moved about every 2 years due to my mother’s job. I am thankful for all the moving as it made me very social and it fueled my love of seeing new places. I moved to Wyoming in 2011 and absolutely love it here! I have a younger sister and brother, they have the kindest hearts and can’t wait to be an Auntie and Uncle! My mother and I were very close up until she passed away in 2016. My dad and I are close, he is the reason I love the outdoors. My family spent so much time together hiking, rafting, skiing, and much more. I work as a service advisor, I have been at my current job for 4 years and I don’t foresee ever leaving. I was employee of the year in 2018, I am the youngest and only person in my position to ever receive this award. 

Joseph: My family moved to Wyoming from Texas when I was one years old. My mother still lives in the house we grew up in. I have an older sister and younger sister, who I am close with. My mom and I are very close, she is the strongest person I know. My dad passed away in 2014, I loved helping him with projects. I helped my parents remodel their house; this is one of my fondest childhood memories. I am a mechanic and have been one for over 11 years; I absolutely love it. I was just promoted to lead mechanic! My family would go camping, fishing, and hiking during the summer -we basically lived at the lake.

For both of us family is incredibly important. We both have great relationships with our own families and each other’s families. We cannot wait to grow our family and make new memories and traditions. We have so much love to give to your child. If we are selected by you, we will give your child all the love, support, and encouragement he / she could ever need. 

With love, 
Joseph and Skyler

Get to know our family!

Where does one even begin in expressing appreciation for such a wonderful gift you are considering sharing with us? There are no words that could ever sum up how eternally grateful we would be to be trusted to raise, love, and welcome your baby into our family. We cannot wait to become parents!

A little bit about us: 

We have been married for almost 7 years and love calling Wyoming our home. We love anything having to do with the outdoors; camping, fishing, hunting, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling and any time we can hang out around a campfire is a good day for us. We also love traveling, seeing new and exciting places and taking on new adventures. Vonna loves to bake, craft, and is up for a good DIY around the house any day. Russ enjoys softball, motorcycling and watching movies any night of the week. We enjoy any excuse for a get together and love hosting friends and family any time we get the chance. 

When it comes to traveling give us a plane, a beach or a cruise ship and we are set! We enjoy cruising to the Caribbean, Central America, the Bahamas and even to Alaska this past summer. We also enjoy any chance to dip our toes in the ocean whether it be in California, Florida, South Carolina or Massachusetts, we have loved it all. Not to mention yearly trips to Utah and exploring the places nearby in good ol’ Wyoming. 


I was born and raised in Utah and moved to Wyoming 10 years ago to take a job teaching Junior High. A job I love and continue today. I grew up in a small family with one younger sister- boy did we ever have fun! Whether we were pretending to work at a grocery store, playing school or dancing to Richard Simmons, with it just being the two of us we let our creativity rule. We were lucky enough to spend much of our time with our Grandparents and looking back knowing how fortunate we were. We were blessed to have a fantastic childhood full of adventure, love and more laughs than you can ever imagine. 


Wyoming is the only place that I have ever called home. It is where I grew up and want to raise a family of my own. I was raised in a family of 4 boys (my poor Mom) but we all survived. We enjoyed playing sports, riding bikes and being outside. I am an HR manager and currently work for the State of Wyoming. 

Family is extremely important for both of us and making those memories that will last a lifetime. We cannot wait for the day when our family of 2 becomes a family of 3! We have an endless amount of love to give and cannot wait for the opportunity to share our home, life and love with a little one someday. 

We appreciate your time and consideration in helping us begin our ever so anticipated journey into parenthood. Thank you again. 

With Love, Russ & Vonna 

Dear Birthparent(s),

We can’t imagine what you’re going through right now, and please know you have our support and love. We commend you for being courageous and making one of the most important and selfless decisions of your life.  

We would love for you to get to know us and the kind of lifestyle we would give to your child. We have been together since 2010 and married since 2012. We have 2 dogs, a bloodhound named Lilly and a border collie/heeler named Sammie. We live in a small community and are excited to raise a family here. We love all things outdoors, from hunting and fishing, to camping, and shooting archery. We both have a passion for rodeo (that’s how we met!) and enjoy riding our horses and roping in the summer. On a typical weekend we could be found with the camper at the lake or roping at the arena with family and friends. 

Family time is one of our top priorities. We have a very large family, most of which live close to us. We make it a point to get together on weekends, holidays, and of course for every birthday. Sunday lunch is always at Heather’s grandparents’ house after church. We have 9 nieces and nephews who we love to spoil and cannot wait to add another cousin to the bunch. We are big Nebraska Cornhusker fans and look forward to taking family trips to Lincoln for a football or volleyball game each year. We are involved in our church and have the best church family. Cory helps as an usher and volunteer with the security team at times while Heather is a pre-school and elementary Sunday school teacher.

About Heather

I was born in Nebraska and raised in a small farming/ranching community in Wyoming. I grew up going on wheat harvest, showing pigs at the county fair, living on the back of a horse, and being very involved in sports and FFA. I have two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. My family all lives in the same town and is the biggest support system for one another. I went to college in Nebraska but knew Wyoming would always be my home. I am a loan officer at a local community bank where I get to use my passion for helping people and celebrating their achievements.

About Cory

I was born in Wyoming but have lived numerous places as my dad was in the Air Force. It eventually led us back to Wyoming where I call home. I have two brothers, one older and one younger. I grew up playing baseball and rodeoing as well as being involved in 4-H and FFA. I got my degree in diesel mechanics and welding/joining and worked as a pipe welder for a welding shop before being offered my current job. I am now a pumper for an oil company and really enjoy what I do. I am a baseball coach for a youth league and still like to help coach bull riders and do a little welding when I can. 

We cannot thank you enough for blessing us with this opportunity.  We promise to give all the love we have to your child while making sure they know how loved they are by God and you. We are excited to be on this journey and so grateful for your consideration.

With love,

Cory and Heather

Dear Birthparent(s),

Thank you for taking the time to read our online profile.  There are no words that can describe how thankful we are that you chose life for your child in this world in which there are many other options available to you.  We cannot imagine what you have gone through in order to make one of the most important decisions of your life.  

Our names are Jared and Ashlie.  We have been married for just over nine years, but have been together for fourteen years.  While we were dating, we both knew that we were meant to be parents.  After discovering that we were infertile, our desire to be parents did not waiver.  We thank you for considering us in giving the gift of your child.

Jared works for the school district as a mailroom technician.  Ashlie is a Nurse Practitioner at a local facility. Both of us are highly involved in our church.  Jared plays guitar and leads song service on the worship team while Ashlie is the leader of Sunday school for children ages 3-11.  When we are not at church, we enjoy watching and attending sporting events such as the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies.  Ashlie enjoys running as a past time and participating in runs around the area.

In 2009, we built a new house on 5 acres of land.  It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  From our front porch we can view the Rocky Mountains and enjoy the quiet being in the county can provide.  The land was necessary so our four dogs could be active.  We have a lemon beagle named Bailey, a black lab named Kali, a yellow lab named Cheerio, and a chocolate lab named Chauncey.  The land will also be useful for building a playground for our children.

In March of 2013 we adopted our first son Caleb Michael.  No words can describe the joy he has brought to our lives. Caleb was born with Down syndrome but one would never know as he is perfect in every way.  He was the first grandchild on both sides of the family and is loved by all.  Caleb’s smile and laugh will light up the entire room and warm your heart.  In May of 2015 we were blessed with our second son Landon James. Landon was also born with Down syndrome like his brother.  His personality is as strong as he is. He may be small, but he is mighty.  As a family, we frequent sporting events as well as the Denver Zoo, Denver Aquarium, and Denver Museum of Natural Art as well as many other events in the area.  Spending time together is a priority for us.  We feel that it is the perfect time to expand our family of four and welcome another child into our home and hearts.    

We feel as though instilling our children with honesty, forgiveness, and God’s word are essential to their upbringing.  Our children will be raised in church and we desire to instill Christian values.  Both of us plan to spend as much time as possible with our children and show them all of our love.  We promise that if we are selected by you, we will always give all that we have to your child.  Thank you for blessing us with this opportunity.

God Bless,

Jared and Ashlie   


Thanks for looking at our profile! Nate and I are grateful for your time and consideration.  We wish you the best in this life, and this particular point in time.

I guess we'll tell you a little about ourselves.  We live out in the country on our small place, next to Nate's parents.  It's pretty much a simple hobby farm life. We have horses, chickens, rabbits, dogs, and a cat to look after.  I must say, they are fun and bring lots of joy.  I also try my hand at gardening (although I need a lot of help, it’s still rewarding and fun).  Nate works hard, and spends his free time running tractors, enhancing our vehicles, and helping others.  We love spending time together working on our place, visiting friends and family, or exploring something new.  We are very grateful for the country life, we just wish we had kids to share it with.  We've been married since 2010, and have not been able to have kids of our own. It is certainly a hole in our lives, which is very hard to put into words.  We have ten nieces/nephews (and counting), and we love them very much! Nate's immediate family is just down the road, and no more than 2 hours away.  My family lives in other states, which makes visits fun and special.  

We grew up in very different ways. My Dad was in the Air Force for the beginning of my childhood. I got to live in a handful of different places (including the country of Panama) and I have experienced different cultures.  Even though we moved a lot, our stability was our family; we always had each other.  I guess you could say my experience was more “city” life.  Nate was raised on his family’s cattle ranch.  He has the experience of life-long friends and community; and taking care of others.  Our different experiences, but love of the same country life, make us an amazing team.  Our meeting was truly an act of God. I was living in a suburb of Phoenix and had just finished an equine science degree. I was interning at a horse training barn when a client asked if I would go to Wyoming and ride his horses for the summer.  I had never been there, but it sounded like a good adventure where I was sure I could learn more about horses and see some different country for a few months.  That man happened to be Nate's neighbor.  God had a plan for us to meet, and still has a plan for us to grow a family, even if we can't see it yet.  We find peace in that. We hope you find peace in knowing there is a plan for you, and your baby too, even if you can't see what it is exactly yet.

Thank you again, for reading a little about us.  If you have questions, please reach out and ask Adoption is a huge deal and we'll be glad to answer questions. Best wishes to you,

~Nate and Andrea


Dear Birthmother/Father:

You are at an important step in your life and pursuing adoption is a courageous act.  It is selfless and we are praying for you.  Tim and I would care for and love your child as if he or she were our own.  In September 2015, we adopted a son and our lives have been enriched.  The baby is loved by both extended families.  Three out of the four grandparents were teachers and the fourth was a college professor.

Twenty years ago my sister chose adoption when she was a teenager.  I was at the hospital and changed his first diaper.  It was the right decision for her.  After he turned 18, he found her and is now part of our family.  Currently, my sister is a wonderful mother to another son.

We are interested in a second adoption to grow our family.  It would be wonderful to share our passion for the outdoors with your child.  Because we value education, it would be a privilege to provide a college education if that is the path your child wants to pursue.

About the Eisenhauer Family

We wish to grow our family because we have love to share.  Laramie is a beautiful location with great outdoor activities.  Tim grew up in Torrington with two brothers.  Tim’s parents are retired 5th grade and Junior High science teachers.  Jenny grew up in South Dakota with three sisters and a foster child from Ethiopia for 10 years.  Her father was a professor and her mother taught preschool.  Both of our extended families enjoy spending quality time with each other.

Tim works for a Civil Engineering company and Jenny teaches at the University of Wyoming.   Our home has five bedrooms and a spacious backyard.  We enjoy grilling dinners and watching sunsets.  During the winter months, we like to drink hot chocolate and build fires in our fireplace.  In September 2015, we adopted a baby boy who is a joy.  It would be very special to provide a sibling for Austin and grow to become a family of four.  Austin is bi-racial and looks just like his older cousin who is 13.  The grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides of the family love interacting and playing with him.

As an active couple, we hope to share our hobbies with your child.  Together we cross-country ski, mountain bike, and hike.  Our dog Chara joins us.  Jenny makes scrapbooks, sews quilts, and loves reading.  Tim likes to fish and watch sports.  We eat meals together as a family and plan to work on homework each night with the kids.

About Jenny (Written by Tim)

Jenny is the love of my life, and I am so happy to share the rest of our lives together.  She is a very beautiful, loving, caring, and generous person who thinks about the needs of others all the time.  I love that she enjoys spending time with family and friends, or taking part in different kinds of activities.  Jenny is very good around children and is a wonderful mother.

About Tim (Written by Jenny)

Every night I go to bed happy that Tim and I are married.  He is handsome, kind, patient, generous and smart.  The University of Wyoming has a very loyal fan in Tim, because he has season tickets for football and basketball games.  Tim loves sports and would love to coach our son one day.  I am a better person because Tim and I volunteer in our community.  For example, every Wednesday Tim reads to an elementary school class.  We have a happy marriage which translates into a rewarding home life.