Application Requirements

Applicants for international adoption must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years of age

  • A resident of Wyoming or Colorado

  • At least one applicant must be a United States citizen

  • Single individuals and married couples

  • Successfully complete the adoptive home study process in Wyoming or Colorado

  • Have no criminal history or incidents of child or adult abuse or neglect

  • Able to meet the expenses of adoption and the needs of an adopted child without state or federal assistance

  • Meet all requirements of the international placing agency

Specific age, sexual orientation and marital status requirements vary among countries.  Your placing agency will advise you of your eligibility for specific country standards

Home Study and Post Placement Services

Wyoming and Colorado Children’s Society will provide home study and post-placement services to families seeking to adopt internationally through a licensed international agency (placing agency). Duration and frequency of post-placement supervisory visits will vary among countries. Home study and post-placement services are provided pursuant to our agency and the placing agency’s requirements. In the absence of a country-specific period of post-placement supervision, the agency will conduct a minimum of three (3) post placement visits within the first six (6) months of placement. Refer to the current fee schedule  for information on applicable fees.

All home studies conducted for the purpose of international adoption will be conducted according to Hague home study standards.

International Adoption Fees

Applicants for international adoption will be assessed an application fee, a home study fee and a post-placement supervision fee. The number and frequency of post placement visits and reports vary among countries. Some countries do not require post placement supervision; however, Wyoming and Colorado Children’s Society requires that all adoptive placements be supervised and will require a minimum of three (3) post placement visits within the first six (6) months of placement. Refer to the current Statement of Fees  for more information.

In addition to funding the general operations of the agency, the fees assessed in international adoptions cover preparation of the Hague home study, staff time and travel, consultation with applicants’ placing agency if they are not residents of Wyoming or Colorado, post adoption services and required reporting.

After Finalization and Beyond

Wyoming and Colorado Children’s Society is committed to the support and success of our adoptive families. We understand that adoption is a life-long process. The finalization of an adoption in an international court does not mean the termination of services to our clients. We are available to provide support, information and referral, and guidance to our adoptive families for as long as needed.