Hi there, 

Even if you don’t read another word about our family - if you take a look at us and we aren’t the right fit -, please know that we are humbled by your strength. We are in awe of the selflessness of the decision you are considering. We know you want the best for your child. It seems important to start with that. Should you choose adoption, we hope more than anything you find a family that matches your needs and values for your baby. But also know, if we are that match, that it would be our greatest honor to join you on this parenting journey. 

Emily grew up in the shadow of Vermont’s Green Mountains, playing basketball and softball and spending family vacations hiking in northern New England. Brendan was raised sailing off the coast of Maine and ski racing around the world. We stayed on the East Coast for college - our parents live in Vermont and Maine still. Our paths crossed at a mutual friend’s wedding eight years ago. A sense of adventure and a deep love for time well spent outside drew us west to Wyoming and ultimately each other. 

We live in a log cabin with a backyard big enough for a small vegetable garden and bedroom views of our favorite ski trails. Brendan is the Art Director and lead graphic designer for an outdoor clothing company. Emily, passionate about helping all students feel prepared to pursue a college education, works as a school counselor at the high school. We both have jobs that challenge us in a town where we love to live. This makes us happy. 

On weekends we are often known to be riding our bikes in Idaho or skiing in the Tetons. We love to travel to the deserts of Utah and the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia with our tow-behind camper and 10-year-old yellow lab, Mizpah. Several times a year we head east to see our siblings, their young children, our parents, and our grandparents (or to Montana to visit Brendan’s older sister and her family). We are lucky to have spent so much time in beautiful places with each other but the adventure we both look forward to most is growing our family. 

A year ago we found out we are not able to have biological children of our own. This was challenging for us but for so many reasons pursuing adoption feels like where we are supposed to be. Emily has felt drawn to adoption for as long as she can remember; we both have adopted cousins. We have watched close friends have children while maintaining a sense of travel and adventure and love for each other. We are excited for that - excited to raise a child who is kind, values hard work and giving their best; a child who loves to read at bedtime, feels deeply loved by their family, and (hopefully) really likes to ski. 

We look forward to you learning more about us. 

Sending all our love. Take care. Brendan & Emily